By leveraging Knowledge, Networks & Funding, KNF Ventures accelerates growth of South African innovation-driven SMEs and generates enhanced returns for investors.


KNF Ventures is an approved SARS section 12J Venture Capital Company (VCC). Investors in KNF can claim their full investment amount as a deduction from taxable income.


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In selecting entrepreneurs with deep subject matter expertise and then adding a blend of the business building skills of KNF and the diversified experience of a credible investor base, investees gain a solid knowledge foundation to scale from.

KNF is managed by Knife Capital - a South African venture capital and scale-up advisory firm focusing on innovation-driven ventures with proven traction. Knife Capital also managed HBD Venture Capital's portfolio of investments in SA (now fully invested and successfully closed) and builds high-growth technology enabled SMEs through its Grindstone Accelerator. Knife Capital facilitated lucrative exits of local technology companies to the likes of General Electric, Visa, Garmin, Uber and assisted entrepreneurs with portfolio MBO’s.



KNF provides market access and accelerates investee traction by leveraging a dynamic partner network to ensure that the solution to virtually every challenge confronting a South African high-growth business is no more than three phone calls away.

KNF has an active investor base that mainly consists of South African entrepreneurs who generated wealth by founding, growing and exiting their high-growth entrepreneurial ventures.

Minimum investment is R1m. Tax deductible.

Targeted annualised Internal Rate of Return (IRR) = 40%.

Qualifying investors can contact the team to get involved.

KNF invests in South African innovation-driven ventures with proven traction that can deliver enhanced returns on a risk-adjusted basis



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With emphasis on each phase of the investment cycle: Find, Make, Grow & Realise – KNF responsibly applies funding to take advantage of windows of opportunity for investee companies to close growth gaps and create sustainable exit-ready businesses.




  • Qualifying SA Co's in terms of the SARS section 12J VCC regime

  • R5m to R30m investment. KNF can syndicate deals and co-invest

  • Post-revenue stage co's that require funding for growth/ expansion

  • Strong management team/ dynamic entrepreneur

  • Ability to execute

  • Entrepreneur(s) need to have deep subject matter expertise

  • Competitive advantage/ Intellectual Property elements

  • Scalable business model

  • Large addressable market 

  • Clearly defined realisation strategy

Short questionnaire on your venture metrics



KNF team will analyse and engage with the entrepreneur(s) on info and next steps

Meetings, gap analysis feedback, pitch deck and high level due diligence

KNF Letter of Intent & Term Sheet

Detailed Due Diligence

Final negotiation and legal agreements

Funding and Partnership for growth


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